SEO copywriting and on page optimisation

In addition to understanding and adhering to the regular rules of copywriting; where the person writing your copy crafts compelling, meaningful and actionable text, when writing for the web and with SEO in mind the task becomes further complicated as your copy must be appropriate for both human readers and search engines.

Google rewards content that is original, well written and that is likely to be shared. Algorithmic updates like Panda were designed to penalise thin and weak content, you need to ensure that your website content is valuable to your audience, is shareable and shareworthy, and that it is original and not duplicated elsewhere on the web.

Unlike some agencies, we don’t suggest writing for the engines, or insist on adherence to the holy grail of keyword density. We’ll work with you to write copy that will not only delight your visitors, but that will make it crystal clear to the search engines the types of search terms that your page should be ranked for.

We can work with you to optimise your existing content, and to create additional content that clearly addresses the needs of your users. We can show your existing copywriters how to create content that ‘presses the buttons’ of your readers; that is original, high quality, and drives a strong call to action. We’ll help you achieve perfect on page optimisation with a structured approach to optimised title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags and anchor text.


Depending on the level of support that you’ll require from us we can offer the following services:

  • Foundational on page optimisation including the writing of title tags, meta descriptions, headers etc
  • Input into generating ideas and planning your editorial calendar
  • Content strategy based on keyword research
  • Training for your team in SEO copywriting and the basics of on page optimisation
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