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Just because you have a great website or a unique product or service, it doesn't mean that you will reach your target audience via search. Competition for high listings in the organic search results has never been greater.

Unlike PPC, where you pay to appear, SEO is a more intricate discipline that requires skill and expertise. Placing your SEO campaign in the wrong hands can not only do real and very lasting damage to your site, brand and reputation, it could get you banned from the search engines.

With tens of thousands of online searches being performed every second it’s imperative that any business or organisation with an online presence is visible in Google’s ever-evolving search results, in order to reach their target markets and to channel the right kinds of visitors to their web presences.

Getting the search engines to rank your website as highly as possible – especially in the more competitive markets – requires taking a holistic approach to on page optimisation as well as a thorough understanding of current online marketing best practice.

SEO Services

At we offer online marketing and SEO services to public and private sector clients throughout the UK. As part of our SEO consultancy, our specific goal is to help you increase your visibility online for the most relevant and high return keywords and key phrases. As part of our search engine optimisation services we offer the following:

  • Keyword research - to identity the high value search terms that you should be aiming to rank for given your organisation’s goals and objectives. Once agreed upon, we can map these out against your information architecture and use the keyword research findings to identify additional content requirements.
  • SEO copywriting and on page optimisation – we can work with your copywriters to achieve ‘perfect on page optimisation’ given your organisation’s keyphrases. We can show you how to optimise your existing content, and create additional content that addresses the requirements of your users as well as targeting new keyword sets.

See the full listing of our digital marketing services or contact us on 01792 485566 for an informal chat on how we can help you make your website work better for you.

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