G-Cloud Buyers Guide

S8080 has 40 services on the G-Cloud Digital marketplace, allowing public sector organisations, including agencies and arm’s length bodies, to save time and money procuring our services, using the plain English G-Cloud call-off contract.

G-Cloud contracts are very flexible and can last for 24 months, plus two 12-month extensions, so four years in total.

There is a useful step-by-step G-Cloud buyer’s guide on the GOV.UK website, but you can also talk to us before you start. There is a useful guide explaining the compliant way to start this early engagement with S8080 too.

Contact S8080’s directors, Chris Cowell and Matt Howard, to discuss your project and how the G-Cloud framework can help you: [email protected]

We have ISO 27001 certified services under several categories, and have grouped them here:

Content Management Systems for website and digital services

English / Welsh bilingual services

Local Authority, Local Government and Council services

User experience design (UX)

Read enough? Get in touch

If you would like to chat about how S8080 could help you design and develop your web site, contact us or email [email protected].

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