Expert review

An S8080 usability expert review (also known as a heuristics appraisal) will assess your service against several important usability criteria. It’s all about 'quick wins' while you plan a more thorough overhaul. It’s a lean and cost effective way to quickly make interim improvements to your digital service or website and your user’s experience.

Our usability experts will interrogate your IA to make sure the content your users need is easily discoverable. They will evaluate your website for ease of use, learnability, terminology and navigation. Persuasiveness, cross selling and your calls to action will be tested. They’ll look at key tasks, functionality and content and make sure they are aligned with your user journeys. Finally, they'll cover visual design, brand cohesion, visual consistency and perform a competitor and peer review, looking for gaps and areas of weakness in your online offering.


Our comprehensive and visual output document not only gives expert insight into all aspects of your service and its usability, it will recommend prioritised areas of improvement, giving you an actionable development roadmap, full of ideas for improving performance and the user experience.

Our recommendations will be prioritised high, medium and low – and will help you understand if something is a quick win or a more involved undertaking. It can be something as simple as changing signposting or renaming a navigation tab. But it could also mean correcting fundamental failings in a check-out process or reworking whole sections of your information architecture.

When should you do an expert review?

Of course, we can perform an expert review for you at any time, but to be honest, you’ll get the best value from an expert review when:

  • You feel that your site or certain areas of your site are underperforming – your analytics and dissatisfied users will usually confirm this for you
  • You are considering redeveloping your website but want to make interim improvements to user journeys and process flows
  • You have evidence of dropout points, sticking points or obstacles that stop your users completing essential tasks or finding important content
  • Feedback has told you that your navigation is not intuitive and you get lots of support calls about hard to find content
  • Your competitor or peer sites appear to be doing things a lot better than you
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