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Our partnership with Careers Wales led us to develop a practical web application named ‘Support Finder’. Built in React, this platform assists users in identifying support programs to enhance their skills and career opportunities. Our focus was on creating an accessible and responsive application adhering to the WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility guidelines and the Welsh Government's GOV.WALES design standards.

Understanding user needs

The project commenced with a kick-off session to grasp user requirements and the application's core aims. Armed with initial designs and the necessary question-answer set from Careers Wales, our goal was to build an intuitive multistep form and listing, the foundation of the Support Finder.

Concurrent API and application development

Collaborating with Careers Wales, we employed Swagger to define the API. This allowed us and the Careers Wales team to work on both the React application and the API simultaneously, ensuring an efficient development process.

User-focused experience and accessibility

The application's design prioritised user guidance through a seamless sequence of steps, culminating in form submission. Post-submission, the platform dynamically curated a tailored list of support programs, complete with comprehensive information and application guidelines. For registered users, revisiting and reviewing their results was made effortlessly convenient.

Careers Wales

What we did

  • Aligned objectives and understood user needs via a kick-off meeting.
  • Developed the React-based Support Finder.
  • Defined the API concurrently using Swagger.
  • Ensured compliance with accessibility standards and design guidelines.
  • Designed a user-friendly multistep form for input.
  • Integrated the API for question and answer retrieval.
  • Generated personalised lists of support programs based on user inputs.
  • Created an intuitive interface with clear instructions.
  • Enabled registered users to review their results conveniently.
  • English and Welsh bilingual


Through our collaboration with Careers Wales, the Support Finder emerged as a practical solution for users seeking support programs to enrich their professional journey. Our commitment to user experience and accessible design underscores the application's seamless functionality and technological advancement.

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