Enhancing the donations process for The Historic England Foundation

Historic England: RAF aircrew on the roof of Coventry Cathedral. Historic England Archive.

The Historic England Foundation is a charitable organisation that supports the work of Historic England - the public body that helps people care for, enjoy and celebrate the history that surrounds us now, and in the years to come. As part of expanding their public profile the Foundation wanted to improve their online fundraising process.

Their goal was to simplify the donation experience and seamlessly integrate a user-friendly form into their recently developed campaign page. The solution aimed to securely process donations through an external payment gateway and update internal transaction records within their CRM system. Additionally, a robust temporary storage system was implemented to address any potential payment-related issues and ensure a smooth donation process.

Understanding the requirements

Through collaborative discussions with the client and technical discovery meetings with their developers, we gained valuable insights into their goals and requirements. By working closely with their team, we developed a complete understanding of their requirements and the desired user experience.

Creating the solution

To achieve the desired outcomes, our team used REACT to develop a customised form that met their unique needs. This form seamlessly integrated into their website template, providing a cohesive user experience. The integration with the payment gateway platform allowed for secure and efficient processing of donations. Furthermore, we ensured direct integration with the CRM system, enabling simplified management of transaction information.

To guarantee a reliable donation process, we implemented a secure temporary storage system. This mechanism ensured that any payment-related issues were handled, ensuring data integrity between the payment gateway and CRM transaction information. Through thorough testing and optimization, we delivered a reliable, user-friendly and secure donation system for The Historic England Foundation.

What we did

  • Conducted in-depth discussions with the team to understand their objectives and requirements.
  • Developed a comprehensive understanding of the desired user experience.
  • Seamlessly integrated a user-friendly donation form into the newly developed website template.
  • Integrated the form with the Global Payments platform for secure donation processing.
  • Implemented direct integration with the CRM system for efficient management of donor information.
  • Designed and implemented a temporary storage system to handle any payment-related issues.
  • Conducted thorough testing and optimization to deliver a reliable and user-friendly donation system.

By collaborating closely with The Historic England Foundation, we successfully implemented a streamlined donation process. The integration of the user-friendly form with the website template, secure payment processing, and seamless connection to the CRM system have greatly enhanced the fundraising efforts.

Take a look historicenglandfoundation.org.uk


Image credit
RAF aircrew on the roof of Coventry Cathedral manoeuvring the 80ft bronze spire on to a one yard square plate after an RAF Belvedere helicopter hoisted the half-ton cross in to place © Historic England Archive. John Laing Collection JLP01/08/062425.