Haringey Council. Tottenham Regeneration website

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We had the privilege of designing and developing a separate website for Haringey Council to support their ambitious regeneration plans for Tottenham. Working closely with the council's digital communications team, we evolved the initial Information Architecture (IA) and key user journeys, ultimately creating a visually appealing and user-centered website. Using the open-source Drupal CMS, we built accessible and adaptive page templates, integrated a news system and MailChimp newsletter functionality, and ensured a smooth workflow for the council's publishing team. After rigorous testing, the website was launched, and the Haringey team received training to effectively manage their new Drupal website.

Open-source systems offer great value to local government websites, providing cost-effectiveness and flexibility. With no license costs and the ability to easily switch between web development agencies, open-source systems like Drupal and Umbraco empower organizations. They benefit from vast and active development communities, offering modular systems with thousands of third-party extensions. Regular security updates ensure the website's safety, while proven functionality, endorsed by notable organizations, guarantees a reliable platform. Consider an open-source CMS for your organization's website and explore Drupal and Umbraco.

If you’d are considering an open source CMS for your organisation, take a look at our information on Drupal and Umbraco, or contact us for a friendly chat or email [email protected].