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The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) engaged us to revamp their renowned radiology referral guidelines, iRefer, which assists healthcare professionals in selecting appropriate imaging procedures for various clinical problems. Our task was to modernize and enhance iRefer by introducing mobile support, improving functionality, and implementing user-friendly features. This involved redesigning the interface, optimizing navigation, incorporating responsive layouts, and enabling Single Sign On (SSO) access through the RCR website. Additionally, we developed "MyRefer," a feature allowing users to create personalized versions of iRefer by bookmarking frequently used guidelines. The platform of choice for this project was Drupal 7, renowned for its stability and extensive range of contributed modules. We ensured mobile responsiveness by implementing a responsive theme based on the Bootstrap 3 framework and conducted rigorous testing across multiple devices. Advanced search capabilities were achieved through the Apache Solr Search Engine, providing scalable and fine-grained control over search results. With improved information architecture and user interface, iRefer transitioned to a sleek, search-focused interface from a multi-route browsing approach. Our collaboration also addressed security concerns, including penetration testing and regular monitoring and updates to maintain the integrity of the Drupal core and contributed modules.

Through our collaboration with the RCR, we successfully revitalized iRefer, delivering a modern and feature-rich platform for healthcare professionals. The updated iRefer provides enhanced usability, responsive design, personalized user experiences, and robust search functionality. Clinicians, radiologists, radiographers, and other healthcare professionals can now access a user-friendly resource that assists in determining the most suitable imaging procedures for a wide range of clinical scenarios.