Migrating and updating the content management system of the Law Wales/Cyfraith Cymru website, powered by Drupal

Law Wales

We were asked by the Welsh Government team behind the Law Wales site to migrate their existing GOV.WALES GEL compliant site, built by a previous supplier, to a new hosting provider and provide ongoing technical support.
A pivotal aspect of this project involved upgrading their Drupal 9 site to Drupal 10. Our aim was to execute a seamless transition and minimise unnecessary downtime.

Codebase review and familiarisation

Our approach commenced with a comprehensive review of Law Wales' existing Drupal platform, enabling us to gain familiarity with the codebase. This initial step was essential to understand the intricacies of their Drupal 9 site and to prepare for the subsequent upgrade to Drupal 10.

Module audit and preparation

In preparation for the Drupal 10 update, as well as the code review, we conducted a thorough module audit, carefully assessing the compatibility of existing modules with the latest version. This proactive measure ensured the Law Wales site would smoothly transition to Drupal 10 without any compatibility issues.

Drupal 9 to 10 upgrade and migration

With preparations complete, we proceeded to execute the upgrade from Drupal 9 to Drupal 10. Utilising our Drupal expertise and experience, we migrated the Law Wales site to the new version while maintaining data integrity and functionality. Simultaneously, we coordinated the migration to a new Microsoft Azure based hosting platform, ensuring a well-planned and efficient transition.

Law Wales

Collaborative transition and ongoing support

Throughout the migration process, we collaborated closely with the team to guarantee a seamless transition to the new hosting solution. With effective communication and coordination, we mitigated all risk of downtime.


The successful migration of the Law Wales site to Drupal 10 and the new hosting provider underscores our commitment to delivering robust and reliable solutions. By reviewing and then upgrading the Drupal infrastructure and facilitating a seamless transition, we have positioned the Law Wales site to benefit from enhanced features and security updates while maintaining compliance with GOV.WALES standards.

Take a look at law.gov.wales