Open source content management systems

Open Source Content Management System

Whatever features you want on your site, the chances are that there's already an extension for it, coupled with a rapid development process, this is what makes Open Source systems such good value.

There are millions of sites powered by open-source CMS's, some pretty high-profile users too - Yahoo (who use WordPress), The Whitehouse (who use Drupal) and Heinz (who use Umbraco) have all seen the benefit of developing their sites on open-source platforms

What does 'open source' CMS mean?

Open source means it’s free, so you don’t pay a single penny for it.

This frees up budgets for the important stuff: user experience, engaging designing and robust, secure functionality.

Seasoned open source developers

Our team of open source CMS developers are seasoned experts - one of our senior developers has recently had a Drupal textbook published. But they are not just ‘front end’ developers who throw a few modules together. S8080 is a very technical agency who has comprehensive experience in hosting, security hardening and open source CMS systems performance.

Our development team understands what each open source CMS does well and will guide you every step of the way – making sure you get a lean but functionally rich website. We are well known for our straight talking, so if we feel an external 3rd party web service will do a better job than a custom Drupal module or WordPress plug-in, we’ll advise accordingly. Why reinvent the wheel?

We’ve pushed the open source CMS platforms to their limits for some of our more demanding clients, solving their complex integration, single sign-on, CRM, configuration and workflow problems cleanly and efficiently.

Open source CMS support

Due to our extensive experience working on the most important websites in the country (No.10 Downing Street for example), we are often called in to help breathe new life into an existing open source website, helping update the CMS, secure it and increase its performance.

This is often combined with a rethink of the information architecture and streamlining and modernising the user experience and CMS functionality. We have some truly amazing stories of how we’ve done this for some significant clients.

The benefits of an Open Source CMS solution

  • Free – no software licence costs
  • Agile and moveable – you are not tied into your web development agency
  • Large (and fast moving) development communities
  • Modular systems - thousands of 3rd party extensions
  • Proven functionality – tried and tested
  • Fully featured...

Open Source CMS features

  • Fully customisable template design
  • Mobile friendly
  • Fully accessible
  • Web standards compliant
  • Multi-platform installations
  • Cross-browser administrator access
  • Content versioning
  • Workflow
  • User access privileges
  • Multi-lingual capabilities

Drupal Association Supporting Partner, Acquia Community Partner


  • Ideal for larger, more complex CMS websites with complex integrations into 3rd party systems
  • The Drupal framework is infinitely extensible using ‘modules’ that are developed in a coding language called PHP
  • Some of the world’s most prestigious sites are powered by Drupal including The Whitehouse, Ikea, Welsh Government, Sony Music, Economist, Harvard, and Twitter


  • Uses Microsoft .NET framework, so ideal if you have Microsoft based back office systems
  • Ease of extensibility - we can customise any of Umbraco’s features or add new features for you
  • An easy CMS to learn and use yet powerful enough for organisations like Heinz, Speedo, Tesco, Peugeot, Vogue and even everyone’s favourite boy band, Take That.


  • Well suited to smaller, less complex CMS websites and blogs
  • Extremely user friendly
  • Surprisingly versatile (we’ve even built an WordPress extranet for a national charity)
  • Extensible with lots of free plug-ins for events systems, publications databases, document libraries, surveys and polls

Your CMS – lots of choice

S8080 develop websites using many content management systems including the enterprise level EpiServerUmbraco, WordPress and Drupal. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses. If you would like to discuss using an alternative CMS for your website, please let us know. We are a very flexible agency.

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