S8080 launch revamped Wales.com Drupal website

We had the exciting opportunity to align the Wales.com website with the new Wales brand that was launched by the Welsh Government. Our goal was to give the site a fresh and confident appearance that matched the new identity. In addition to the visual revamp, we focused on enhancing the user experience (UX) and implementing Drupal improvements.

During the redesign process, we aimed to bring valuable content to the forefront by surfacing it at a higher level, making it more visible and engaging for users. The clean and fresh appearance of the site was easily achieved by leveraging the Wales branding system. By grouping content using the brand's color palette, we employed color-based segmentation throughout the site to cater to distinct audience groups. From a technical standpoint, our major task involved migrating over 500 pages of content into the new Drupal structure while preserving the existing markup. We also developed a custom full-width multi-tile carousel that ensures optimal viewing across various browsers and devices, enabling users to enjoy the site seamlessly from desktop PCs to iPhones.