Wales Audit Office

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We were approached by the Wales Audit Office to redesign their website and publications system, transitioning from a legacy enterprise CMS to Drupal. The project aimed to address complex challenges related to bilingualism, authentication, publication workflows, and overall user experience. Our team provided UX advice, conducted workshops, and developed detailed information architecture and wireframes. With a focus on responsive design, we implemented a Drupal CMS, customized templates, and ensured technical compliance with web and accessibility standards. We also created a robust document management system with advanced workflow capabilities, strengthened authentication and security measures, and developed features such as a publications library, news and events system, and a best practice area for knowledge sharing within the public sector. Throughout the project, we followed an agile approach, performed rigorous testing, and provided ongoing support.

The website transformation for the Wales Audit Office showcases our collaboration in enhancing usability, streamlining workflows, and achieving the client's objectives. By leveraging Drupal's capabilities, we successfully addressed complex requirements while delivering a bilingual website that adheres to the highest web standards. Explore the revamped website to witness the improved functionality and design resulting from our comprehensive approach.