Go Construct - EPiServer case study

S8080 were asked to draw on their extensive creative, front end and user experience skills to help build a new website on an enterprise level CMS for the construction industry.

The website www.goconstruct.org helps people find suitable jobs in construction, whether they are already working in the construction industry or new to it. The new website has lots of interactive features and custom functionality to help engage users and let them explore the many different roles in construction.

As many people's understanding of the types of job and work in the industry is narrow, we created highly visual and interactive pages to show the very varied work people in construction undertake. Just a few of the really interactive design elements on the site include:

These pages let users explore and discover roles which they wouldn't typically know exist within the industry, alongside more well known jobs. We used interaction content elements such as construction myths and categorised 'Day in the life' case studies to engage audiences and drive them through to discover what it might be like to carry out specific roles in the industry.

The Personality Quiz was also developed as a fun way to encourage people to discover suitable roles based on their interests and character traits. It’s an interactive quiz that asks key questions with a view to give the user some suggestions of suitable roles and then further information on that role. People were then prompted to share their perfect job role on their social media channels to help drive more traffic to the site.

Another key bespoke development was the Careers Explorer – a tool that can be used to search through the comprehensive library of suitable jobs roles based on their interests and qualifications.

During the technical build phase our front end and back end technical developers worked with EPiServer CMS to build the bespoke layouts and templates and themes required with optimisation for mobile devices.

What we did to help - in a nutshell

  • Detailed scoping, workshops and strategy sessions
  • Information architecture, user journey development and refinement
  • Detailed wireframes and technical scoping
  • Digital strategy development
  • Creative web design and production of numerous design routes along with style guides and an optimisation plan
  • Front end development of templates and themes to government standards, including accessibility testing and pan disability testing
  • Mobile device optimisation
  • Custom interactive development and back end development
  • Bespoke development of Welsh language functionality
  • Development, integration and deployment of EPiServer CMS
  • Bespoke technical development of web services and third party integration
  • Hosting specification and assistance in the setup and configuration
  • All wrapped up with agile project management, regular progress demos, testing, QA and support

All in all, a fantastic project to work on and we are very proud to have been part of it.